Terms and Rental Agreement

Last updated: September 16, 2023

Virtual line

Your dedicated virtual line phone number will be created a month before your event, and will be live until a week after your event. The virtual line number will be a local US phone number. It will not be toll-free by default.


We aim to have the Capsule phone delivered 3-4 days before your event. In the unlikely event that it doesn't arrive on time to due postal carrier delays, we'll give you a full refund.


After your event, the Capsule phone must be shipped back within 5 days using the provided return label, unless a different timeline was agreed upon. A $100 fee will apply for late returns.


Cancellations can be made two weeks prior to your event date. There is a $75 cancellation fee - the remaining balance will be refunded to you.


You may reschedule your event for free if done more than two weeks before the event date. A $75 rescheduling fee applies within 2 weeks of your event.

Processing times

The Capsule team processes your voicemails to improve audio quality before making them available in the app. The expected turnaround times are 1-2 hours for your virtual dial-in, and around 1 day for your guestbook phone. This may vary based on demand. We process voicemails 7 days a week. Voicemails that come in outside our business hours (8AM-6PM CST) will typically not get processed until the next day.

Phone availability

The expected return dates of phones are used when calculating phone availability. In the rare event that there are some scheduling issues (such as if some phones are returned damaged), Capsule may offer a different model or color.

Limit of Liability

In the unlikely event that your audio is lost due to damage, or other reasons, Capsule's liability will be limited to the total payments received for the event. The refundable amount may be proportionally adjusted based on the percentage of audio lost relative to the total audio captured.

Damage or Loss

If audio guestbook equipment (including but not limited to the phone, sign, backup recorder, cables) happens to be damaged or misplaced during the rental period, the customer agrees to be responsible for costs up to $150 to facilitate necessary repairs or replacement.

Acceptable use policy

The rental of the Capsule phone, virtual dial-in, and access to the Capsule app come with the expectation of acceptable and responsible usage. This implies refraining from activities such as:

  • Tampering with or attempting to reverse-engineer our technology
  • Enabling unauthorized access to our services
  • Reselling or redistributing access to our services without our express written consent
  • Overburdening our system with the intention of degrading our services

Capsule reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to services should any violations of this policy be identified.


Should the customer choose to discontinue the use of Capsule services, they reserve the right to terminate the agreement. The ownership of the audio remains with the customer. Upon termination, Capsule commits to providing the customer with all respective audio files. Your account will then be removed from our system.