Tips for a great event

By Rogi Solorzano • Updated June 21, 2024

We used Capsule at our wedding in May 2023. We got some amazing content and great participation from our guests. We curated a couple tips that worked for us!

1. Plan how you'll share your guestbook ahead of time

Your digital guestbook becomes available up to 1 year before your event so that you have the link early on in planning.

Some good places to include your guestbook details are your invitations, menus and event website. Include a call out to the guestbook in your messaging to encourage engagement.

A custom sign with the short link, QR code and voicemail line number is a nice touch. We got ours from Etsy!

2. Use it for more than just the big day

Some of our best submissions came from the welcome party and rehearsal dinner! This also helps guests become familiar with the guestbook in advance.

3. Personalize your guestbook website

You can customize the intro message and cover photo for your guestbook website from the Capsule app. This personal touch makes the guestbook more engaging and memorable.

A fun idea is adding prompts to inspire your guests, tailored to your vision for the guestbook. For example, you can encourage guests to share specific types of photos, like "your favorite moment at the wedding" or "a selfie with us".

4. Personalize the greeting on your voicemail line

You can record a custom greeting for your voicemail line from the app! Guests hear this when they call the number. This adds a warm, inviting touch and reassures guests that they are in the right place. Remember to include instructions to "leave a message after the tone"!

5. Leverage the voicemail line

The voicemail line is great for guests more comfortable with traditional technology. They just call the phone number, hear your greeeting, then leave their message after the tone. The voice messages we got from our grandparents were priceless.

6. Reminder emails

Your guests can sign up to receive reminder emails from your guestbook website. We send two reminders: the morning after your event and a couple hours before the guestbook closes.

7. Post-event participation

Remind guests that they can still contribute to the guestbook after the wedding day. They might have additional thoughts or media to share post-event.

Your guestbook is live until 3 days after your event, but we'll extend or temporarily reopen it if needed. Just let us know!

8. Prints

Get a physical print of your guestbook after your event! Our prints are professionally designed and handcrafted, resulting in a timeless piece for your home. Scan the QR code on the first page of the guestbook to open the digital companion and browse media as you flip through pages.