Beyond a guestbook.

Capsule helps you capture and relive the moments that matter to you most.

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How it works

More than ink on a page

Capture the raw emotions and thoughts at your wedding or other milestone event. Cherish them forever.

We secure your date and create your account in the Capsule app.
Virtual dial-in
You'll get a dedicated phone number to receive voice messages from anywhere.
Use phone
You'll receive your Capsule phone a couple days before your event. Setup is easy - just turn it on.
Return it
Drop the phone off at the postal carrier after your event (return label included).
Receive voicemails
Get notified in the app when your voicemails are ready.
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Sounds like this

What's included

Beautifully retro

Capsule phone

Your guests have a lot to say. Our vintage-inspired audio guestbook makes that easy. No pens or paper - just pick up the phone and leave a message after the tone.

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Virtual dial-in

Capsule virtual

Perfect for guests that can't make it or for the activities leading up to your event. We'll create a dedicated phone number that guests can call to leave a message.

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Guestbook sign

Increase engagement

Elegantly draw attention to your phone and guide guests on using it. If the vibe of one of our signs fits your event, we'll include it in your package! One less thing on your plate.

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Make it yours

Personalized greetings

Record personalized greetings for your virtual dial-in and guestbook phone, right from the Capsule app. Guests hear this greeting before the tone.

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Easy uploads

Get your voicemails fast

Connect to your guestbook phone to upload the audio after your event. You'll have the processed voicemails in a couple hours - no need to wait until you ship the phone.

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A great experience

The Capsule app

Everything in one place. Access setup guides and tips. Get notified when new voicemails come in. Personalize voicemails. Listen anytime, anywhere.

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Let's chat

We'd love to tell you more, give you a demo and answer any questions you might have.

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