The new era of guestbooks.

From voice to videos - every guest's touch, digitally captured.

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How it works

More than ink on a page

Capture the emotions. Cherish them with a handcrafted digital guestbook.

Virtual guestbook
Guests sign it their way - voice, photos, videos, text. Works on any device, no app needed.
Phone line
A dedicated phone number that records voice messages - ideal for guests more comfortable with traditional technology.
Gather memories
Share it on invitations, menus, custom signs and more. It's like friends and family collaborating to create a scrapbook for your event!
Story crafted
We handcraft your digital guestbook. This includes touch ups to improve media quality, resulting in a consistent, beautiful final product.
Prints (optional add-on)
Get stunning physical prints of your guestbook. Scan the QR code to bring memories to life.
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